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Caves Jean & Sébastien Dauvissat Owner

Harvesting Chablis great wines of Burgundy

Caves Jean & Sébastien Dauvissat Owner

They are on very steep slopes of the valley of the Serein found the Chablis vineyards, planted on a stony, clay and limestone, which is marvelous to Chardonnay, the only grape permitted.
The continental climate of the region, promotes good ripening of the grapes, which gives a very elegant wine of great finesse, deemed among the best in Burgundy.

Domaine Jean et Sébastien DAUVISSAT

Dauvissat family owns the field since 1899. This family vineyard spreads over 9 hectares planted with vines aged on average 20 to 40 years, 70 years for the “Cuvée Vieilles Vignes”.
The wineries that are located in a 17th century house, was enlarged in 1980, and house wines at an average temperature of 10 to 15 ° Summer and Winter.


The wines of Domain

“The Preuses” Chablis Grand Cru
Very complete wine, from the best slopes of the right bank of the Serein, “The Preuses” prolonging “Bougros” up the coast, are often regarded as one of the great wines easier to enjoy thanks to their roundness that gives them a feeling fat.
This leads to a remarkable wine.

“Vaillons” Chablis 1er cru stands in the middle of the big hill, south-west of Chablis, south Southeast exposure, a very underground limestone, expressing the entire typicality mineral wines of Chablis.

“Séchets Chablis 1er Cru
Although exposed to the medium slopes, this place is conducive to the maturity of the grapes and produces wines generally flexible and open their young age.

“Montmains Chablis 1er Cru
Extending the forests to the north-east, “Montmains” very clayey soil and deep wine gives strict and closed, which gives them an excellent aging potential.

“Cuvée St-Pierre” Chablis 1er cru & Chablis VILLAGE
The “Cuvée St-Pierre is high from a selection of” Vaillons, bottled after 2 years of breeding (1 year tank, 1 year in barrels).
It is characterized by its maturity and its pleasant roundness.
The Chablis Village, exposed on the slopes opposite the first growths are on very chalky soils.

How tasting Chablis

The Chablis Village is consumed young (1 to 3 years), but you can leave it to mature, and gain a richer mix, and get a more complex wine. Seafood, meat and snails suit him very well.

“Vaillons, Séchets, Montmains, Cuvée St-Pierre” 1er crus find their fullest potential after five years, but can only benefit from longer aging.
It is a perfect accompaniment to lobsters, prawns, sea fish and river, deli meats, poultry, white meats …

“The Preuses” have an amazing capacity to age. 10 to 15 years of cellar does not scare them and then put them in perfect harmony with the most savory dishes.

These wines are drunk cool (12 °), but never frozen.

Halfway between Paris and Beaune, near the motorway (A6), exit south or Nitry Auxerre. “Caves and Jean Sebastien DAUVISSAT” invite you to discover their white wines, served in the finest French restaurants and foreign ( United States, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Belgium, Netherlands Germany, Spain, Italy …)
A high quality home and a nice tasting in the cellars of the 17th century await you.

Caves Jean et Sébastien DAUVISSAT
3 rue de Chichée
89800 CHABLIS (France)
Tel : 03 86 42 14 62
Fax : 03 86 42 45 54
Mail : jean.dauvissat@wanadoo.fr